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During the 1940 Nazi blitz of Liverpool, England, Lizzie's and Colin's mother decides she must evacuate her children to the safety of Canada. Thirteen-year-old Lizzie promises her mother she will always keep her little brother safe and by her side. But her vow is tested when they are separated on the docks, and during the crossing to Nova Scotia when their ship is endangered by storms and enemy U-boats. And for Lizzie, there is also the constant anxiety of what might await them in Canada. Will their host family be as kind as everyone has promised? Will Lizzie's determination to keep Colin by her side be enough to keep him safe? And when will this seemingly endless war be over, so they can return home to their mother? Set against the historical drama of the evacuation of British children during World War II, Colin's and Lizzie's story is one of fear and bravery, determination and persistence, and finally, the redemptive power of memory and love.